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Richard was born in Ft Myers, Florida and grow up there. Ann was born in Bladenboro ,North Carolina They were married in 1953 in Johnsonville South Carolina. Richard Served in the Army in the Korean Conflict with Item "I" Company 180th Infantry Regiment of the 45th Division He later earned a BSME from The University of Florida. Ann was a mother and homemaker raising the Reahard's three childern Richard Jr., Mark, and Patricia . Richard Jr.was killed in 1972. Richard and Ann live in Bonita Springs, Florida and They are dealers in Vintage Guitars Our Current Guitar List

The Reahards carried on a battle with Lee County, Florida for 14 years to protect their property rights Reahard vs Lee County

The Reahard's attorney Jeff Garvin testified on behalf of the Reahards before the Senate Judicary Committee in 1997 Jeff's Testimony

Then in 1999 Richard and Ann went to Washington and testified before the House subcommittee on the constitution in 1999 Richard'sTestmony

Created Oct. 15, 1999

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