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Dear Editor,

I read a letter today that distressed me because it brought to my attention how far many adults have strayed from the experiences of their childhood. Childhood is a time of dreams and wishes, I recall my own childhood in the 30's. There was little money, most families spent all their efforts just earning enough for food and shelter. Children played with blocks of wood, empty match boxes, home made toys. We made our own Christmas tree decorations and with little under the tree, we were lucky to have a good Christmas dinner. Never the less in those hard times we all dreamed. We dreamed of better times and of things we knew we would never have. I dreamed in those days of many things for Christmas, nice new toys, a bike, of the ability to give those in my life that I loved a better life, new home , new car, etc.

In those days adults were able to dream also and with little interference from government those dreams could become reality. It was not necessary to have large sums of money to go into business or to build a new home. These dreams today are becoming a nightmare for our people. Someone has decided that before we can dream it must be inspected by a half-wit to make sure that it might not at sometime in the future interfere with someone's health and safety, etc.

This letter reminded me that this country and it's founding principles are based upon dreams. People came from all over the world to live here because of the freedom to dream. This country will end when we no longer allow our children to have dreams of such things as a pony, a bike, a doll, being loved or just having a good time.

My mother and I had a dream. It was called Imperial Shores Subdivision. Over the past 11 years Lee County has turned that dream into a nightmare for me and my family. I plead with you all do not end the freedom of children and adults in our country to dream

We have been given a sacred trust by God. That trust is to protect our freedom as provide by the US Constitution. That freedom includes the right to dream.

Happy New Year and may GOD bless you,